I was born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida, studying at the University of Florida before passaging through rites to manhood in Chicago. I was a studious Chicagoan, earning a Master's at Northwestern University and graduating from Second City's Conservatory before leaving to Los Angeles. I have lived there since 2010.


I am known, I suppose, for challenging social norms on housing and championing the art of downsizing. My writing has been featured in Salon, Yahoo! Finance, Business Insider, MSN, L.A. Weekly, The Good Men Project, and Dapper Dan Magazine, The Pen Name, and the 2016 book anthology Turning Tiny: The Small Living Paradigm. I've given interviews for ABC, Upworthy, Fusion TV, CBS, The Penny Pincher, WGN Radio, Business Punk Magazine, KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), The Tanya Acker Show, KIRO Radio Seattle, RT TV, America in the Morning Radio, The Mark White Show, W Radio's La W, and one for Marie Claire magazine that I'm not sure was ever published (they're waiting for me to feature on the cover, I'm sure of it). I was a keynote speaker at the 2016 Tiny House Jamboree, the 2017 Living Simple: A Tiny House Expo, the 2018 People's Tiny House Festival, and the 2018 Florida Tiny House Festival, as well as a presenter for other festivals and organizations like Teach For America. My debut book, The Secret Life of an Office Hobo, which is taking me forever to write, is set for completion this year. Maybe. I am also executive producing and hosting a docu-series on ordinary people living extraordinary lifestyles, The Road Less Traveled, in development and represented by the Creative Artists Agency. That's most of the relevant stuff I'm working on.

In my past life, you may have seen me in ads for Budweiser, State Farm, or the U.S. Army. I've produced award-winning documentaries and performed at various comedy stages east of the Mississippi. I'm also deeply involved in charity work. My nonprofit, Our Backyard Homes, aims to house homeless college students in our off-grid urban micro-homes. My work with other charities helped establish a refurbished library at Los Angeles' Midnight Mission and kick-start Los Angeles' newest syncretic nonprofit venture, Pay It Forward for a Better LA. I also have a couple flexible part-time jobs that involve working with kids and working with drunk adults acting like kids. No one can blame me for being out of touch with my youthful side.


For fun, I enjoy playing guitar (poorly) and spending time in the wilderness. Thanks to my lifestyle changes, I've recorded my first solo EP, On Olive Street and traveled to 44 states, 32 of 59 national parks, and 5 continents. My favorite  trip was a solo 46-mile trip in the Grand Canyon, trekking from one side to the other and back again. I likes cats and dogs. And chocolate. Especially chocolate.


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This license is courtesy of TK Devine, who is a working writer, storyteller, producer, and social experimenter in Los Angeles. TK Devine is admittedly a partial pseudonym, but who's checking? Maybe you are. Maybe you're one of those serial fact-checkers, hell-bent on exposing partial pseudonymed blogs for who they really are. Get a hobby, man. Volunteer. Make a difference that actually matters. Anyway, enough about you. TK Devine is not a fake person. He's a real person, with thoughts, feelings, and a pretty awesome beard. TK Devine is a writer in Los Angeles. Hollywood. Where TK Devine makes films and gives talks as a guest speaker or featured speaker or keynote speaker but never a car stereo speaker. Never. You may know of TK Devine through The Tiny (Toilet) Home Project. You may know of TK Devine via The Office Hobo. You may know of TK Devine through The Road Less Traveled and American Dreamers, repped by the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). You may know of TK Devine from Downsize Czars or Downsize Me. Heck, you may know of TK Devine through getting yelled at by a guy in a truck after you cut him off on the I-405 North through the Sepulveda Pass. Who knows where you know TK Devine. But you do know TK Devine. You know him well. Almost too well.

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