If you read only one of my published works, make it my July, 2014 LA Weekly article on living the working man's #vanlife. In it, I challenge negative perceptions about vehicular dwelling and champion the life of intention as beneficial to society, even in America's most superficial city. 


Construction on my truck-home began in late 2013, a simple layout designed with utility and comfort in mind. Discretion, too. At that time, municipal code 85.02 forbade sleeping in one's vehicle in Los Angeles. Keeping a low profile proved one could live in a vehicle responsibly. And ensured I'd get good nights' sleep.

I've since traded in the Ranger for am F-150 with a towing capacity for tiny homes and 4x4 for backroads (and camper shell for... you-never-knows). But my Ranger took me to the latitudinal borders of America, surviving winter blizzards, summer heat waves, and autumn hail storms. But the real benefit was in the city. My home is wherever I took it. In Los Angeles that saved me a great deal of stress--or "traffrustration", as I like to call it. The urban #vanlife is a truly freeing lifestyle, despite its sometimes-too-cozy confines and oft-maligned reputation.

Original diary work regarding the truck can be found on my The Office Hobo blog including its somewhat detailed construction outline.

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