Not all speeches are caught on tape,

but above is a modest compilation of a few that have been. 

I am a seasoned motivational and informational speaker, known for my entertaining delivery and insightful content. I have headlined intentional living events such as the Tiny House Jamboree (2016), Living Simple Expo (2017), the People's Tiny House Festival (2018), the Florida Tiny House Festival (2018), and California Tiny Living Festival (2019). I've also presented at events for organizations like Teach For America and the Public Counsel, as well as the Louisiana Tiny House Festival (2018) and other creative and comedic features in Southern California, Chicago, Austin, and across the Southeast. 

I am available for speaking engagements at festivals, conferences, schools, productions, and events anywhere around the globe.


Contact me at the link below to discuss rates and details!


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This license is courtesy of TK Devine, who is a working writer, storyteller, producer, and social experimenter in Los Angeles. TK Devine is admittedly a partial pseudonym, but who's checking? Maybe you are. Maybe you're one of those serial fact-checkers, hell-bent on exposing partial pseudonymed blogs for who they really are. Get a hobby, man. Volunteer. Make a difference that actually matters. Anyway, enough about you. TK Devine is not a fake person. He's a real person, with thoughts, feelings, and a pretty awesome beard. TK Devine is a writer in Los Angeles. Hollywood. Where TK Devine makes films and gives talks as a guest speaker or featured speaker or keynote speaker but never a car stereo speaker. Never. You may know of TK Devine through The Tiny (Toilet) Home Project. You may know of TK Devine via The Office Hobo. You may know of TK Devine through The Road Less Traveled and American Dreamers, repped by the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). You may know of TK Devine from Downsize Czars or Downsize Me. Heck, you may know of TK Devine through getting yelled at by a guy in a truck after you cut him off on the I-405 North through the Sepulveda Pass. Who knows where you know TK Devine. But you do know TK Devine. You know him well. Almost too well.

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